Live Graffiti at Bicester Village

Our team of artists have just completed a huge five-day project at ‘Bicester Village’, a luxury shopping complex in Oxfordshire, that we’re really proud of!


Some of our clients are really open to new ideas, and this can often produce the best results in the work that we create. When the team from Bicester Village contacted us, one of the first things they said is that they wanted to show graffiti in a different light. We were on board straight away, that’s what we aspire to do on a daily basis! The team wanted to create a piece that would evolve over five days, they wanted street art and graffiti and they wanted it to be unexpected..

We were given a huge area of space to work with; large hoardings that cover an area of re-development. Our design team created a mural plan for how the piece would evolve, starting on day one with some sky and grass which would gradually become overgrown with wildflowers as the week progressed. Bicester Village wanted to incorporate the word GREAT into the artwork, and rather than paint the letters we thought it would be interesting to build them and paint over them for a cool 3D effect!

After installing the lettering our graffiti artists got busy creating a masterpiece, entertaining the shoppers and transforming an area of the village that was previously blank and boring. The only spanner in the works was the good old British weather which caused havoc during day three, but we soldiered on, frequently drying the wall with towels so that we wouldn’t fall behind schedule!

We are really happy with the finished mural and loved talking to everyone that came and spoke to us during the painting, both staff and shoppers. Bicester Village was super happy with the results, the buzz created and the finished mural.

If you have an unloved area that could benefit from our magical graffiti skills then get in touch and a project manager will talk you through the process.