Street styles for Nike Football

This fun little project fell in our laps last week and we’re never happier than when we are given a blank wall and told to get creative!

Nike Football were holding their Football X tournament at the East London Power League and we were there to make sure the visuals were on point. Nike wanted us to let loose on a large 18 metre wall that was flanking the main five a side pitch. We were given a fairly open brief, raw graffiti, ‘tags’ and ‘throws’ in the background and four key words painted as full pieces in the fore. We were given a selection of words to play with, take a look at our making of pictures and you’ll see some of these words and phrases. Once the background was complete four of our graffiti artists got busy creating the No Rules, Mercurial X, Magista X and Speed pieces.

These words were key as players in the tournament (which had No Rules!) were wearing both Mercurial X and Magista X Nike footwear. Speed was a focus because of the fast paced nature of the tournament, the players tear up the pitch, scrambling to score within the small box that is the goal area. The colour scheme for the pieces was mainly dark blue and magenta, matching the colours of the theme of the event.

It was great to be painting classic street graffiti style once again. Some call it vandalism, we call it art! In this context the players and attendees to this exclusive event agreed that whatever you call it, it worked! There are countless ways that we can use graffiti and street art to energise events or transform boring spaces. Get in touch today and let’s make plans. No idea is too crazy!