Merry Christmas from Graffiti Life

It’s that time of year and our annual Christmas wall is here!

This is the biggest Christmas wall we’ve ever painted, at a huge site in Shoreditch that we normally use for hand painted advertising campaigns. You may have spotted the wall in the news recently, after some wally wrote something silly on it, but we rescued the site with a proper piece of art!



This piece was inspired by old school cartoons like Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphonies, utilising soft colours for the inside of the Christmas tree and retro fonts for the festive message. The wall is a 30 second walk from Shoreditch High Street Station and will be up until the end of December, so if you’re planning a trip to London in the next two weeks, go and grab a picture!



Painting a Christmas wall has become an annual tradition for us. Here are some classics from years gone by…