Last week Chelsea were due to play Tottenham Hotspurs during a Premier League match. The stakes were high for the two London-based rivals, with Chelsea aiming to strengthen their place at the top of the premier league, whilst Tottenham Hotpurs were fighting to secure a place in the Champaigns league.

Television programme ‘Premier League Preview’ were keen to find an interesting way of promoting the game between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspurs. We were chuffed when they got in touch with our graffiti artists and asked us to paint a Chelsea vs Tottenham themed mural on a wall in London. Our artists chose to create the mural on a huge building side wall in Shoreditch, painting a London skyline with each teams football emblem on either side of the city-scape. To keep the mural in theme with a graffiti influence, our artists used graffiti typography letters to paint ‘Chelsea vs. Tottenham’.

Premier League Preview filmed our artists painting the mural in Shoreditch and used the footage throughout their feature on the game, which televised on Sky Sports last Friday. In the end, Chelsea beat Tottenham 4-0, leaving Tottenham just 4 points away from being in the top 4 places, with a spot in the champion’s league seemingly out of reach.

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