Chappie x Graffiti Life

Some breaking news for you guys.. We’re attempting something pretty big on the 25th Feb 2015, it involves Sony Pictures latest flick ‘Chappie’, some well known YouTube video makers and a boatload of spraypaint…


Starting at 6pm on 25th February we will be live streaming the making of a painting that we hope will officially become Europe’s largest piece of shareable art, ever! You can head to; on the day to see this masterpiece take shape. We’ll be working with some YouTube bloggers, who have no previous painting experience, to create a giant mural. This will be challenging to say the least, and we only have a few hours in which to do it. Once the mural is complete we’ll be breaking it up into six hundred pieces and sending it out to fans and followers (more info on the day on how to grab a piece).




The idea behind this arty stunt is to promote the new film ‘Chappie’ (that hits cinemas March 6th). The art direction in this film, written by Neil Blomkamp, definitely suits our style, the gritty and urban artwork that appears in the background of this movie is still fun and colourful, and we’re going to try to reflect that in our mural.

This will be the first time that we’ve ever live streamed a painting, and we’re super excited about embracing this new technology and inviting people to watch us create a masterpiece in real time….