Live Graffiti Art at Tattoo Freeze

We recently performed a day of live art at the first tattoo convention of the year ‘Tattoo Freeze’ in Telford.

This family orientated event brings the art of tattooing to a mainstream audience showcasing some of the finest artists in the industry. Much like graffiti the art of tattooing has become much more accepted over the past few years and this event displayed some amazing examples so we felt the pressure to perform to the best of our abilities.


We set up four large blank canvases and each artist took a completely different subject matter as a reference for their painting. All eyes were on us as crowds looked on and photographed our efforts as our paintings took shape, four different styles in one place.


As well as our art there was lots to see at Tattoo Freeze, including ice sculpting, roller derby and live music, as well as lots of talented tattooers inking skin. We had a fantastic time sharing techniques with fellow artists and chatting to the public. We painted a realistic pin-up portrait, some traditional graffiti lettering, our signature marker pen madness featuring an exploding spraycan and a homage to Star Wars character Yoda.