Because Capes are Overrated…

We’ve all seen that kid, on a Saturday, running around the supermarket in his Spiderman or Batman costume, and we’ve all got that little bit jealous that we are (slightly) too old to do that still. But whether you’re a Marvel or DC comic fan you will certainly be impressed by this, very lucky, little boy’s bedroom.

This 360 degree mural took four of our fantastic graffiti artists just three days to complete. We first designed a panoramic scene depicting our client’s favourite heroes and made sure the design worked well with the space. Utilising our super spraycan powers we recreated this magnificent superhero collage onto the wall, teaming the characters with a specially designed intergalactic background and a “breaking through the wall” effect. This enabled the mural to flow and connect throughout the room, and also allowed additional colour to be added, keeping the room bright and spacious.


With full characters of the Hulk, Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Iron Man breaking through the walls it left little room for any additional heavy weights, but our team still managed to squeeze in elements from Wolverine, Captain America and Thor, making it a bedroom to be reckoned with!

Our clients were so pleased with our work and results, that we were invited back weeks later to produce another wall for them in their home.

If you would like to spruce up any wall of your home or to surprise your children by adding personalised touches to their bedrooms, why not get in touch with our Graffiti Artists, we would love to chat to you!