Jameson’s current advertising campaign is everywhere at the moment, on billboards, bus stops and in print across the country. We were asked to provide some hand painted advertising to make this campaign even bigger!

The visuals for the campaign are rustic, sketchy and lend themselves well to being reproduced in spraypaint so we were excited to get involved with this project. After settling on the final design, of cartoon style workers carrying Jameson whiskey barrels home, our graffiti artists got busy creating the artwork on a huge scale. In London we chose one of our favourite sites; the Shoreditch Art Wall, which has four large panels for the design, we also incorporated a realistic painted interpretation of a Jameson whiskey bottle on the final panel. We also painted the design in a prominent location in Leeds, both sites have massive footfall ensuring maximum exposure for these hand painted advertisements.

Hand painted advertising has a long history and some say that it is a dying art, but at Graffiti Life our artists are intent on bringing back this practice. We feel that painted adverts have so much more soul than a printed poster or billboard and draw much more attention. You can see some of the brands and companies that have trusted us to deliver alternative advertising campaigns on our Case Study page. If you have an exciting or original idea that we can help bring to life then get in contact with a member of our team today.

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