Nike Spray Signage

Nike recently celebrated the launch of their newest campaign #riskeverything by holding four exclusive football where “the best teams from across the city battle it out to be named London’s finest”.

Set across four sites with each site representing ‘North’ ‘South’ ‘East’ and ‘West’, guest football teams competed against each other in a football tournament with a twist. The aim was for each team to battle each other, remaining on the pitch for as long as possible, where the winner stays the losing team moved to another pitch. The only rules were that the Winner Stays, and for all teams to Risk Everything. Players would battle each other until only two teams were left, the last remaining teams played against each other on the main pitch for the finale game at the end of the night.

This super cool event was made even cooler with a live DJ booth, glowing neon ‘Winner Stays’ signs and sprayed graffiti artwork which was placed throughout each venue… Painting directly onto the concrete at some of London’s top football venues required our graffiti artists to use a removable form of paint. Using a series of stencils and removable chalk spray, our artists applied over 60 stencils to the walls and floor of the each venue, including massive 2m ‘winner stays’ logos which acted as the centre circle for each pitch. Our talented graffiti artists also used the chalk spray to apply pitch markings on the floor of each venue, and created a number of free-hand lettering pieces.

As well as creating bespoke chalk-spray artwork, our graffiti artists also painted the artwork for the entrance archway of each venue. Our artists used spray-paint to re-create Nike branding, giving the entranceway a cool, slick look through a spray-painted texture with paint flicks and drips. This bespoke entrance-way really set the tone for the event!

If you want to add something special to your event, why not get in touch? Our graffiti artists can create bespoke signage and artwork tailored especially for your event. Bespoke artwork is a great way to add those finer detail, giving your event a creative, cool and unique look.

Thanks to Ear to The Ground for getting us involved in this project, we loved it!

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