London Tattoo Convention – Live Graffiti Art

The London Tattoo Convention has been running for twelve years, and we have been lucky enough to have been invited along to create live art for the past six! Each year the convention gets bigger and better, and as a regular feature of the show we’ve met some great friends that we get to see each year at this event.


Over 10,000 visitors desended on the Tobacco Dock in Shadwell to see many different types of art, with work from comic book artists, oil painters, photographers and over 400 tattoo artists. Graffiti and Street Art was of course represented by our team and we produced 5 pieces live over the duration of the event, creating masterpieces while the crowds watched.

Our paintings represented some of the other elements of the convention, such as portraits of Kayla Cadorna from the Fuel Girls and Cervena Fox both of whom were making appearences at the show. As always we met hundreds of people and spent time to answer questions people had, both about street art in general and about the techniques we were using to make our work. We love the diverse crowd that comes through the doors at the London Tattoo Convention and the interesting conversations that are sparked by our work.


This year we were really proud to be sponsored by Unigloves. Unigloves are the go to glove for the tattoo industry and we believe that all graffiti artists should wear them too. We made sure to give them a shoutout on one of our art pieces over the weekend.


Live art is the perfect addition to any event, our versatile artists never fail to wow the crowds as they put their work together. If you have any cool ideas get in touch and our project managers will help you realise your vision.