A spectacular mural for Mini

Without doubt the Mini Cooper was and is a huge part of automobile and British history: one of the really iconic vehicles of the sixties, evolving from racing roots to variants that are popular today. People of all ages still enjoy the car, with its always recognisable shape and trademark style, you can always tell a Mini from other cars on the road. It is safe to say that no other car has the same amount of quirky, spunky attitude when they are on the road and being able to drive a car that has that kind of rock star attitude can make anyone feel perennially cool.

So when a Mini dealership contacted us here in the Graffiti Life offices, asking us to create a mural for them we took all of this into consideration.

The brief was simple – to have a new Mini Cooper crashing through the wall however we wanted to make the Mini ‘pop’ and ‘shine’ so we sent along one of our top realistic graffiti artists to complete the mural. By utilising specialist transparent spray paint and adding shines to the Mini, our artist was able to create a spectacular Mini crashing through the wall.

The mural featured on a high wall which added to the perspective of the Mini crashing through and going to land on the show room floor. This meant that we had to employ our specialist trade skills and use suitable access platforms to reach the top – measuring a staggering 5 metres! However working at heights is a skill all of graffiti artists possess and we often use a number of different access platforms to complete our murals.

If you have a large wall you would like us to paint feel free to get in touch with the team today and discuss the creative options we have to offer.