Apps World | Live Art

This year Graffiti Life went to the Apps World 2013 event held at Earls Court 2; a two-day international design conference geared at showcasing the latest and upcoming releases in multi-platform app development. With over 250 exhibitors and more than 8000 attendees, it’s the ultimate digi-tech fest!

Three of our Graffiti Life artists undertook the incredibly technical task of drawing a real time reflection of the exhibition around a 2×2 meter cube at the centre of the venue. Using only black marker pens and no prepared draft, the concept was to depict the entire two-day event as it happened, taking our usual live art projects one step further to ‘Live-Action Art’.

That wasn’t all! Our artists also penned another live art mural across a 6-meter wall, again using only black marker pens. The top exhibitors and companies present at the event were incorporated into both designs and they also included an array of off the wall characters using various tablets and smart phones, because that’s exactly what we saw at the show!

The artwork provided an engaging visual representation for the audiences, who really appreciated our artist’s use of their creative license in bringing to life this awesome event, but in our own wacky way!

If you’d like to know more about how we work, or if you’re interested in booking us for a live art show, just get in touch… It’s well easy!