Doodle Jam for Diesel

We recently spent the evening with 150 Diesel employees, helping them get creative and produce some exciting artwork to hang in their offices.

We were given one of our most challenging briefs to date by the head honchos at Diesel, and had to work out how we were going to get 150 people to create a masterpiece that was around eight metres wide in just an hour and a half! We are a team of professional problem solvers so we got our thinking caps on and came up with a solution..

We split the large group into smaller teams, and while everyone partied we came and grabbed each group for just twelve minutes of frantic doodling. Each team worked on a different canvas, covering every inch of blank white space. Knowing that they had such a short amount of time the participants got super creative and put their ideas down as quickly as possible in red and black paint. Twelve minutes may not sound like long enough to create a masterpiece but we had a secret weapon up our sleeves. Earlier that day our artists had marked some giant letters onto each canvas using masking tape. Once everyone had let their creative side loose on a canvas we collected the artwork together behind a giant screen and assembled our eight metre long wall of art. We removed our masking tape areas and revealed the final message #ONENESS

Once the curtain dropped and the team saw what their work had become there was a standing ovation, it was difficult to picture such a complete image when working on the small individual canvases. This was a really fun project and shows what working together as one can achieve. We have lots of creative solutions to help bring teams together, contact us today with your requirements and our team of experts can work out an event to suit your needs.