Into the Spider-Verse




December 14th can’t come soon enough for me this year. I’ve never been excited for a Spiderman Movie before. Toby Maguire? No thanks. The new one was okay, ‘Homecoming’, and I feel like Venom could be great, but Sony don’t have the greatest history when it comes to the Spidey franchise. The argument has been that there’s been too many Spiderman films and I’d tend to agree. There’s only so many times you can tell the same story.

But everything changed for me when I watched the trailer for ‘Into the Spiderverse’. It’s the first ever fully animated Spiderman and it looks INCREDIBLE. Plus, it’s not the old Aunt May story that we’re all bored of.

Miles Morales is a youngster, finding his feet as Spiderman, mentored by an older Peter Parker. We only have two trailers to go on at the moment but one thing is certain, the art direction is flawless. No wonder that we chose to paint this new version!

We headed up to our rooftop graffiti wall and painted Morales, swinging over East London! Images painted in a graphic style such as this are typically easier to paint than more realistic graffiti, so the piece only took a few hours to complete, despite its size. This isn’t the first time we’ve painted an iteration of the superhero, we once created a much more traditional version of Spiderman battling Venom. I think this version was more fun, especially since MM is wearing Air Jordan 1’s. The laces are untied, flying through the air and it’s clear that this is a character with an edge, built for 2018. The movie is out in December, but for now, you’ll have to make do with a street art Spiderman. Watch the video of this piece being painted and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube for more like this.