Giant Zlatan Ibrahimovic Artwork for Sky’s ‘Friday Night Football’

Earlier this week we were challenged to get creative in a way we weren’t used to. Sky TV got in contact and asked if we were able to make a giant piece of artwork, on the floor, using t-shirts!

We have created 3D street art various times in the past so knew we would be able to adopt similar techniques. Rather than painting, we’d just be laying shirts on the floor, how hard can that be, right? The stunt was dreamt up to help promote ‘Friday Night Football’, Sky Sports’ newest show.


Our team of artists got up at 5am, ready to rock. We didn’t want to leave anything to chance so our meticulous project manager mapped out a plan for the day. The sun was shining as we got to work at Sky HQ in London. We were joined by the presenters of Friday Night Football – Jeff Sterling and Rachel Riley, who helped us create the piece.

pic 1

Sky decided upon a picture of Manchester United’s new superstar signing, Zlatan Ibrahimovic as the image we would be creating. We transformed a picture of the player into three colours and were ready to go. After mapping out the image our team carefully lay shirts onto the floor. The only way we could check the portrait was by viewing the work aerially, via a drone, which was also used to film the stunt. Other than the propellers of the drone blowing half of the shirts across the pitch, things went off without a hitch – this was mostly due to good planning (thanks Daisy!)


This piece of artwork was created using 2000 t-shirts, the garments used were Manchester United and Southampton football shirts, as the two clubs clash tonight. The game will be covered in Friday Night Football’s first show tonight. The programme is said to be more relaxed and fun than a typical football show, from what we’ve seen so far we think it’ll be a great success.

This project goes to show that our expert artists can make exciting work using any materials, if you have a challenge for our team please get in touch and let us realise your vision!