International Womens Day

One of our artists, Sophie Meseg, has recently completed a beautiful mural in the heart of East London.

Inspired by the energy and passion of her young nieces Sophie created this piece to celebrate sisterhood and to motivate the girls towards their future goals.


It’s International Women’s Day today, a perfect time to reflect on these themes! I Sat down with Sophie and asked her what motivated her to choose this subject matter, as opposed to a rallying slogan, and why this piece of street art was important to her…


You paint for a living. Come rain, wind or snow, you’re out there, braving the elements for a long list of clients. I’ve seen your diary, you’re often booked up weeks in advance. You must have to be selective with what you choose to paint for fun in the little time you have left?

 Yes, very! There are so many things I’d like to paint, and not enough hours in the day!

Why did you feel the need to paint this mural, and was it specifically in celebration of International Women’s Day?

It was specifically in celebration of International Women’s Day. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity, and the platform, to paint a mural for International Women’s Day. It’s obviously a cause that’s close to my heart, as a woman! It’s a huge thing worth celebrating, and it’s hugely important to keep supporting the on-going progress of equality in any way you can.

Why did you choose this particular photo?

Well, I’m biassed because [the photo] is of my nieces, and it’s totally cute! But it’s just such a great visual representation of togetherness, of ladies standing together, of sisterhood – Quite literally sisterhood – they are sisters. And it was a genuine moment that was captured on camera, it wasn’t staged for a photo, so it was just a really beautiful moment.

The subject matter is quite personal then, did you feel a sense of responsibility painting it?

Yes, kids can be tough critics! And I wanted to make them proud.

How have your nieces reacted to the piece?

Oh they’re super chuffed. They love it. I got a little video message from one of them this morning.

You added some text to the piece, listing some of your nieces’ aspirations in life, why did you decide it was important to include those as part of the piece?

Because it’s a celebration of the fact that they have the chance and freedom and opportunity to do whatever they choose to do with their lives.

Even be a singing mermaid?!

Yeah, you know, that is a tough one! But who knows! Maybe she’ll make it work!

It is quite an ambitious career path! As an Auntie, how do you plan on supporting that life choice?!

In any way can! I do love a bit of fancy dress..

Are you excited that one of your nieces would like to follow in your footsteps as an artist?

I’m super excited! I can’t wait for the first Afia/Sophie collaboration! She’s so cool. I have to say, she does also want to be an athlete. Which is also really cool. But whatever she does, I’m sure it will be amazing.