Our graffiti artists packed their suitcases and ventured off to Pinewood studios to join Technicolor for a Doodle Jam at their offices…

Technicolor are a worldwide technology company specialising in media and entertainment. Their creative bunch wanted to spice up their working environment at Pinewood studios by painting their office walls with an array of colours, reflecting the vibrancy of their logo.

Usually employees doodling on the offices walls is frowned upon; not for these guys though! Our graffiti artists masked off their logo and gave everyone a paint brush and colours to doodle with. Our graffiti artists kicked off the ‘doodle jam’ by drawing over parts of the wall. Everyone else was quick to make their mark too, using paint brushes and a colour of their choice to paint their own creations.

The wall featured blocks of colour against a white background, giving the artwork a simple yet striking effect. With pizza and music, the doodle jam turned into a party and we saw this blank wall transform before our eyes. Once the wall was covered in incredible drawings, our artist peeled off the masking tape, revealing their company name at the heart of the artwork.

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