Graffiti Life x New Blood Festival – D&AD

For the last half century, D&AD has supported and inspired excellent among those working in the creative, design and advertising industries across the world. And it has been Graffiti Life’s pleasure to collaborate with them in this year festival: New Blood.

The New Blood Festival runs for a week and showcases fresh creative talent from a range of backgrounds. They celebrate the brightest and the best work – inviting companies such as ourselves to talk about the creative industry and speak about the future, giving us the opportunity to connect with the emerging students of the industry.

Our event started with a brief introduction to Graffiti Life and how the company has grown and developed. We also talked about making a career from art and the challenges we faced.

Throughout the afternoon we then progressed to show the students what we do – explaining that Graffiti Life’s work is all about visualising our clients ideas, and finding creative and imaginative solutions to briefs or guidelines.
Overall our team here where seriously impressed with the graduates that attended our sessions – really engaging and communicative, so much so that we were able to offer a role in helping the team create an advertising campaign with a client.

And to finish off the afternoon we treated the grads to a brief workshop – showing them that painting with a can isn’t as straight forward as it seems!

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