Identity affects everything, what you do and how you say it. Or, in our case – how or what we draw! So when we were asked to explore this issue by the Tate Britain, we were thrilled.

Back in November the Tate Britain hosted a large event composing of free workshops, music, film, performance and talks to explore questions of power, politics and identity. Highlights included everything from beat boxing to film-making alongside an exciting line-up of music and of course our Graffiti Artists!

Aimed at young people (16-21) we were challenged to create a workshop which not only people could interact with, but also a wall where people could reflect on their own identity. Therefore we recommended a large mural whereon our Graffiti Artists would aid the public in creating a mural based on the theme identity, by asking them a series of questions and asking for them to illustrate their answer.

On the day, we were escorted into the Tate Britain and shown where we were to complete the activity. The setting was fabulous; the Tate Britain itself is a wonderful building and with such elegant and regal features, it completely juxtaposed the graffiti art which was about to commence! But for that reason it made it even more special.

Our artists got to work, firstly on erecting the temporary wall in which we were to draw on. This comprised of stage flats and foam boards, creating a strong, sturdy structure we could draw on to without it falling over! Then the drawing commenced, beginning with the chosen background – a city scape, to ensure that the public’s drawings had context and to also encourage them to come and get stuck in!

Additionally to this our artists also drew the questions out and interacted with the public to answer them through illustration. The questions included ‘If your identity were a shape, what would it be?’ and ‘if your identity was a colour…’ These questions sparked some interesting and intriguing drawings, which created a wonderful shared mural.

If you would like an interactive element added to your upcoming event, please do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss the creative options.