Miley Cyrus Graffiti at Tattoo Freeze

This weekend was Tattoo Freeze, the first tattoo convention of the year and as always Graffiti Life were representing.

We braved the freezing cold weather, packed up our spraycans and headed up to Telford. After a big night out on Saturday we caught a couple of hours sleep, stocked up on bacon sandwiches and headed over to get started on our masterpieces.

Tattoo Freeze is a family show and a fantastic showcase of amazing art, we love getting the chance to show our graffiti art to such a wide and varied audience each year. We set up three canvases by the entrance to the main hall and began painting.

We dedicated one canvas to our ever popular makerpen style and one to a realistic painting of cult movie character Napoleon Dynamite but the piece that received the most attention throughout the convention was our Miley Cyrus graffiti portrait. We painted the princess of pop in a signature tongue out pose, with the piece coming together over the course of the day – approximately five hours from start to finish.

As always we had a great time at the show, chatting to the public, other artists and doing what we love best – painting graffiti.

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