400 Grolsch bottles hanging on the wall? Here’s how and why…

Yesterday we put together something pretty ambitious, we hung 400 bottles from a huge wall in London, each displaying an individually created piece of art, and we did it in just 400 minutes..

You might have noticed a common theme here and you may ask; why 400? This magic number was the theme as we partnered with premium lager brand Grolsch to celebrate their 400th birthday in style. The team from Grolsch presented us with a lofty challenge, this campaign marks ‘400 Years of Creativity’, celebrating the innovative way the drink is made and the iconic swing top bottle. Creativity is what we do best so when presented with 400 bottles to customise our team got busy and decorated the bottles with many types of street art, including yarn-bombing, sticker art, paste ups, stencils and urban gardening, as well as painting.

We loaded the bottles into a van and set about hanging them on the wall for everyone to see! Rather than just hang them, however, we decided to paint a giant wall mural first. Our graffiti artists painted a huge Grolsch bottle onto the wall and this acted as a template in which we could hang the bottles. We’re so pleased with the results, this was such an interesting project for us and mixing a large scale piece with such tiny work presented it’s own challenges but worked so well in the end.

We signed the work with #Grolsch400 and had an amazing response both on social media and from the passing people of East London. We again prove that there’s nothing we can’t do, so if you have an idea, no matter how ambitious or crazy, get in touch now and let’s make it happen!!