Uniqlo X Graffiti Life

It’s getting cold out. Not just a bit cold, but London winter cold. We work outside all year round and recently we have noticed that the weather has turned and the temperature has plummeted. Uniqlo have an interesting solution, in the form of their new Heattech clothing range. The guys from Uniqlo contacted us and asked us to road test the products, specifically looking at how they stood up to the pressures that we would put them under.

Painting a wall looking like the Michelin man, with five jumpers on under your coat is impractical to say the least. We need free movement and we need to keep warm. We spent the day decked out in Heattech, and learnt a little bit about the science behind the fabric. Heattech stores body heat in pockets of air within the material which keeps you cosy, but the amazing thing is that the garments are only around half a centimetre thick. The clothing is comfortable and it looks good so we were impressed.

In order to celebrate our partnership with Uniqlo we are painting a big wall on Pedley Street in East London this Wednesday 12th from 10am. Feel free to come along and bring us hot chocolates, we’ll be giving away some Heattech gear to help keep you warm this winter.