Guy Makes Marriage Proposal In Graffiti! But What Did She Say?

We’ve done some crazy stunts over the years, this was a pretty wacky one, but it was also pretty romantic.. A hand painted Graffiti marriage proposal!

Our graffiti artists were contacted late last year by Ahmed, he had a plan and needed us to help him make it happen. Ahmed wanted a graffiti marriage proposal painted on a prominent wall in London for his girlfriend Tam. We discussed the logistics with him and hatched a heartwarming plan! We were given a set of very specific instructions of what the artwork should include, each piece told an important story of the couple’s journey together.

Our graffiti artists got up early on a frosty January morning and began realising the hopeful future groom’s ideas onto a giant wall. Time was tight because we had a fun idea of how the wall could be revealed to Tam – by booking the couple on a street art tour of East London! Our artists painted giant cartoon characters, the couple’s pet names, a romantic autumn scene and finally a toy monkey holding an engagement ring. We finished on schedule and disappeared across the road to hide. We saw the street art tour group appear and you could see that he was talking about graffiti in the area. The group stopped by the huge murals and Ahmed got down on one knee by our graffiti that said ‘Tam marry me’.

She said “yes”!

If you would like to create a graffiti marriage proposal, or have ideas for some other crazy projects get in touch, we’re all ears.