Large Creative Project for Gatwick’s North Terminal

It has been a busy few weeks here at Graffiti Life, so our artists got extremely excited when we asked if they could meet us at the North Terminal at Gatwick Airport.  However they didn’t make it past the departure lounge… (Unfortunately!)

With Gatwick’s North Terminal opening back in 1988 and with approximately 17.7 million passengers passing through its gates a year, the airport has seen its fair share of traffic. Therefore is undergoing extensive redevelopments and key improvements to upgrade its security, travel, shops and facilities. To protect passengers from this ongoing work the team at Gatwick have erected large hoardings, and asked us whether we could make them a little more interesting by adding some graffiti.

Gatwick really wanted to us to paint these hoardings with something that is interesting to look at – as it is seen by passengers waiting to enter the departures lounge. Therefore we spent a solid amount of time developing ideas until settling with a design that illustrated your journey from your home, into London, through the airport, and to your destination.

Featuring illustrations of trains, iconic London landmarks, aeroplanes and finally well-known exotic destination landmarks (Eiffel Tower, Coliseum, Hollywood sign …). These were all spray-painted in greyscale on top of a watercolour effect background – giving the piece colour and fluidity. This was completed in a week by a variety of artists and will stay in situ until the work is complete in the years to come.

If you have a space you would like us to vamp up, why not ask our graffiti artists?