Street Artists Pay Tribute To Rik Mayall With Graffiti Mural in London

It has been amazing to see the out poring of condolence in the UK over the past week following the passing of British actor / comedian / legend – Rik Mayall. As massive fans of Rik’s work over the years we were really saddened by the news of his death and all wanted to pay tribute. We decided to paint a giant mural, celebrating one of his most well known roles – as anarchist ‘Rick’ in ‘The Young Ones’.

It was a difficult decision as we were also tempted to paint Rik in either ‘Bottom’ ‘Drop Dead Fred’ or ‘Blackadder’ as they were favourite programmes for us growing up, which goes to show how many iconic pieces of British comedy Rik Mayall had been a part of. But we felt that the character of Rick just seemed to fit so well with a wall painting and the giant Union Jack background set the portrait off perfectly. We dedicate this wall mural to Rik, his family and fans of his work. It’s our way of saying ‘Thanks’ and remembering a comic genius.