St Vincent Deluxe Edition Album Mural

This week we celebrated the critically acclaimed St Vincent, aka Annie Clark. In the wee hours of Monday night, we recreated a version of her self-titled studio album cover, in anticipation of the re-release of a deluxe edition, complete with previously unreleased material.

The album, with five additional tracks, will be out on Monday 9th February, just before the singer/songwriter heads out on an international tour through Australia and The United States. Alas, no UK dates have been confirmed just yet, however, with her ever growing success, We’re hoping that she will be gracing our shores soon.

But now back to the painting…

The piece itself can be found on the shutters of a prominent shop along Shoreditch High Street. This in itself immediately posed a challenge for our artists – with the detailed piece needing to be painted when the shop was shut, therefore at night. With the little light that shone from a nearby street lamp our artists tackled the artwork in true style.

Using intricate templates, the team recreated the thin honey comb effect, seen in the background of the album cover, but still problems arose with half the paint going through the tiny holes in the shutters (RIP lost paint), and the bumpy surface is less than ideal to achieve straight lines! The chair, that is featured in the middle of the shutters, was then painted freehand, and finished off with stylised lettering.

Overall it was a successful paint, and demonstrates what a brilliant piece our artists can create on shop shutters, without any disturbance to the business or neighbourhood.

If you have a shutter that you fancy getting painted, or would like to rent out as an advertising space, please do not hesitate to get in touch.