Holly Park Primary School | Graffiti Workshop

The teachers at Holly Park Primary School recently re-developed their playground and asked our graffiti artists to add the final touches by painting a large colourful mural to feature on their 7 metre long wall.

Having arranged a brainstorming session earlier in the year, the teachers encouraged the pupils to draw artwork ideas which could be translated onto the wall by our graffiti artists. Our project managers worked closely with the teachers from Holly Park Primary School to help create a design that included ideas from the brain storming session and the schools learning-skill symbols.

On the day, our graffiti artists worked with a selection of 15 pupils during a graffiti workshop, teaching the students the tricks and techniques of spray-painting. Once the children had learnt and practised their new spray-painting skills, the pupils were guided to paint directly onto the outdoor wall using the pre-drawn outlines our graffiti artists had painted prior to the workshop for guidance.

Towards the end of the graffiti workshop, a second group of under 8’s added the final touches to the mural by applying poster-paint stencils and hand-prints. Our artists then tidied the wall mural by adding finer details and defining lines before painting the ‘Holly Park Primary School’ lettering above the main design. Our graffiti artists were chuffed to be invited to take part in the legacy of this school… we even featured in their monthly school newsletter!

If you have a blank wall in your school that needs sprucing up, then why not get in touch with our graffiti artists? Our artists are fantastic at working with pupils of all ages and would be happy to run a bespoke workshop culminating in the production of a collaborative community mural.

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