World Mental Health Day Mural

Today is World Mental Health Day.


We are very proud to have partnered with the Mental Health Foundation to help raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing in general and to mark the day, with an amazing piece of public art in London.


Graffiti Life artist Gioele Corona designed and painted the mural in Shoreditch, East London. “My idea behind this piece was to show how we all see life in our own way. Every person will appear a certain way to us, due to our personal lens” the artist said, “I chose a close friend of mine as the subject for the mural. Sabrina is transgender and we have spoken about how sometimes she can feel like she is ‘not real’ or ‘present’ due to the way she’s treated by the rest of the world.” Gioele wanted this piece to be a positive reminder that our mind is a lens that can colour how we see things.


With so many suffering from depression, the artist painted this mural to encourage people to work with their own thoughts and to try and see things as they are; “I feel that the first step to dealing with any problem is identifying it. Once you have named the problem it’s much easier to deal with.” We are very proud of this partnership and that we have been able to help raise awareness of mental health, it is a topic we feel strongly about and street art is such a powerful way to spread a message. This eye-catching mural is located opposite Shoreditch High Street station in East London. We hope that people will interpret the work in their own way and hopefully look deeper into the Mental Health Foundation and the work that they do.