Team Building with Cancer Research UK

With the Race for Life around the corner, the Pink Army at Cancer Research UK is immobilising – with 33,000 women signing up to take part! Therefore when Cancer Research UK got in touch with us, to do a team building workshop we where more than happy to help.

Cancer Research UK is a cancer research and awareness charity which aims to reduce the number of deaths from cancer. It is the world’s largest independent cancer research charity which conducts research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Not only is this a most fantastic charity and one close to our hearts but we were proud to learn more about the teams involved in the charity and what they have all achieved.

The workshop began with our accomplished teachers explaining the tricks and techniques needed to use a spray can correctly. Once the team had got the basics down, such as how to hold a spray can and draw in a straight line the artists moved on to more complex graffiti techniques. It was amazing to see the team really get their hands dirty and get involved with our artists, asking more questions regarding more difficult and specialized methods.

Once the group had got these skills under their belts we quickly moved on to a team battle. Splitting the group into two we began the Graffiti Battle my explaining the rules and judging factors that their piece would be judged upon. The groups certainly got dug in; with friendly hecklers trying to distract the other team from their artwork – all which got mighty competitive! But in the end both teams created some fantastic pieces with the graffiti skills they learning over the course of the workshop – and had a great time too!

Team building workshops are so worthwhile as it’s important to create a sense of unity and team dynamic when running a team for means of self-development, positive communication and to master the ability to work closely. So what better way than calling our team for a Graffiti Life workshop? And we even put together a short video of the day for them to take away with them and treasure forever!