Canon ‘Capture The Night’ with Graffiti Life

We’re the iPhone generation, with a decent camera in our pockets at all times it’s easy to forget the quality of a good DSLR. We teamed up with Canon to show creatives the advantages of owning a ‘proper’ camera.

Ely’s Yard within the Truman Brewary in East London hosts a Canon pop-up ‘Capture The Night’ for the rest of this week where you can test your photography skills using the latest technology from Canon. Housed in a repurposed shipping container the #ComeAndSee booth has a top deck which gives photographers a rare opportunity to glimpse the area from an otherwise unseen angle. The event starts at 4pm each evening, just as the sun is setting and light conditions are perfect for some arty shots.

In a project inspired by Wildlife photographer Jamie Hall, who captured beautiful photos of wild deer roaming the city streets near Epping Forest in Essex; Canon decided to re-create Shoreditch’s own version of these majestic creatures. So where do we come in? Canon wanted people to take photos of something typical to the area of Shoreditch whilst highlighting the secret life of these Urban Deer… Naturally their first thought was Street Art.

We painted the four life-sized deer over the course of one full day, each deer was hand-painted in a uniquely colourful design. The deer are now in place, dotted around the Canon Pop-up and beautifully up-lit for amazing photo opportunities!

We love weird challenges, and our graffiti artists can paint on anything, give us a shout today and let’s collaborate on something awesome!

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