Ahead of the release of the latest blockbuster to hit our screens, Ant-Man, Graffiti Life teamed up with Disney and Marvel to create a mural depicting the shrinking superhero. The mural itself was displayed in their exhibition featuring microscopic works of art, featured in Old Street Station.

The exhibition itself featured revolutionary micro-sculptor, Willard Wigan (MBE), and helped fans to get one step closer to Earth’s biggest tiny hero. Wigan seemed like the perfect man for the task, as his incredible sculptures fit comfortably in the eye of a needle or on the head of a pin. But how you ask! Each figure is carefully carved out of materials like grains of sand and is often painted using the hair of a dead house fly but in addition needs every bit of Wigan’s attention to be completed. From controlling his breathing and nervous system, to slowing his heart rate, he goes to such lengths to produce this unbelievable works of art. Although all of us here at Graffiti Life and undoubtedly impressed – we think we will stick to our graffiti and street art!

The exhibition itself was tucked away in London’s Old Street station, in a tiny 4.5m by 3.2m room, which featured Wigan’s extraordinary creations. Alongside the sculptures was a small display of set photos, comic book covers and, of course, our graffiti concept art!

Our graffiti art featured on the back wall of the exhibition, acting not only as a backdrop, but also a photo opportunity for press shots. However due to the canvas’ large size we couldn’t actually paint it in situ as the canvas wouldn’t of fitted through the door! Therefore we painted the canvas un-stretched in our workshop before getting a professional art technician to stretch the canvas over the frame in position. This also enables the canvas to be highly transportable – so keep an eye out, as it will be going to other Ant Man related events across the country!

If you would like to give you event something extra, or even have a touring piece of art – please drop a line to one of our team today!