Painting graffiti on a Pensioner’s house

There’s a story behind every wall that we paint and this is a special one!

84 year-old Dot Purvis is a die hard Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club fan. She has supported the team since the sixties and her home has become a shrine to the club. Our artist Nick recently headed to the seaside to give Dot’s house the finishing touch that she always felt it needed; the logo of the club. The logo was easy to paint compared to most projects we work on, simple lettering with an image of the club’s mascot and namesake; the seagull.

Dot is currently the front runner for our favourite client of 2018. She was kind enough to put Nick’s lunch in the fridge and kept the cups of tea and pink panther biscuits coming as he got busy painting. She was overjoyed with the final piece and is proud to show the neighbours her newest declaration of fandom. It was a Joy to spend an afternoon with this wonderful lady and her infectious passion for her team.

Our spray paint is weather-fast for 10 years, so we’ve promised Dot that if the badge needs a refresh when she’s 94 then we’ll be back to top it up!