Basement Jaxx Launch New Album With Graffiti Mural

After a four year break ‘Junto’ the new album by Basement Jaxx drops on the 25th August, and to celebrate we were asked to help out with a spot of graffiti advertising for the band.
We were sent a copy of the album and had a quick listen before painting. It’s an instant classic and got our graffiti artists ready to create! We also gave the video of the single ‘Never Say Never’ a watch, which we would highly recommend.
Repetition was the order of the day as we got busy recreating the front cover of the album four separate times on a giant art wall in Shoreditch, East London. ┬áBranding for the advertising campaign and album artwork is simple and bold, using strong colours that worked ideally with spraypaint. The image of sky was painted in a realistic style with the gold bands being painted in metallic paint by our graffiti artists. After a few rain breaks we managed to get the majority of the mural completed but the most challenging part of the ┬ámural was yet to come and took us into the night – painting the ‘Basement Jaxx’ lettering, freehand, across the top of the wall – over 20ft above London!
The feedback that we got from this advertising campaign is that we hit the jaxxpot! Graffiti advertising is a fantastic way to bring attention to any brand, event or product and we have a lot of unique solutions for maximum impact. Contact us today to talk about your ideas.
Graffiti Life

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