Imported Filth : The Art of Street Creep

This October, The Graffiti Life Gallery is exhibiting artwork from the graffiti writer and freewheeling chancer, Street Creep. Seen for the first time in public, this mysterious artist has traveled from Paris to exhibit his 100 limited edition prints.

Tragicomedy, farce and lowlife behavior all rolled into one, Imported Filth : The Art of Street Creep is a cartoon chronicle of the very best of Street Creep’s adventures, played out in the shadows and alleyways of the city streets.

Taking influence from sources as diverse as 70s stalker flicks, Italian and French vintage comics, 80s skateboard art, and the real life characters found on the Parisian streets, Street Creep is a journey into the soul of a low-life cartoon character.

Last Thursday we saw people pour into the gallery to catch a sneak peak of the new exhibition during our private viewing. In keeping with the character, the artist himself made a special appearance to sneakily spray-paint one defiant red line across the entire room. Lots of the limited edition prints and handmade vinyl toys were quickly snapped up as guests continued to arrive throughout the private viewing. You can snap up some for your-self on our online shop here.

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