Arches – There’s a Place | Music Video


A Knight Out In East London?

We have painted some weird things in the past; livestock, whiskey barrels, cars and now.. A suit of armour! This was a really fun project, for the video director of the new single by Arches – Take me higher.

The team explained the premise of the video, a sad and lonely knight passes out, gets covered in graffiti and wakes up with a new confidence. We wanted it to look like the art had jumped off the wall onto the suit so approached the artwork as a abstract take on a traditional graffiti piece. We used a dark background colour to make the bright colours ‘pop’, which works well in the way the video is shot.

One of the biggest challenges was cleaning oil from the suit – which had been in storage for years, we spent hours removing it so that the spraypaint would adhere properly! Everything came together and the Arches team have put together a really cool video that we’re proud to be a part of. If you have a crazy project in mind get in touch, we love a challenge.