Office Graffiti Makeover

More and more companies are realising the importance of aesthetic value in the office for both employees and clients in order to promote a healthy working mentality. Many are leaving classic white washed walls behind as they can seem sterile and a little lackluster and are instead opting to inject a little stylish design and colour. Telecom solution providers Supply Communications got in touch with us here at Graffiti Life regarding their office revamp, we listened to their requirements and this is what we came up with…


The first piece covers one of the back walls of the office and is a much welcomed antidote for employees diverting their flagging eyes momentarily off their screens. As they look up at the piece, batteries are instantly recharged courtesy of the harlequin green back drop. The bright colour is in strict contrast with the muted beiges and creates a feeling of freshness and vivacity, perfect in an office environment. ‘Supply for Life’ is emblazoned across in graffiti style lettering which creates a focal point to the room giving it more depth and adds another dimension.

The second piece, an inspiring timeline of the company’s growth, spans one and a half walls and uses pictures painted in a series of five geometric shapes detailing the past, present and future developments.  The first shows a barn where the company originated; the second is a car speeding into the third which is the present office. The next two detail the future aspirations of Supply Communications; two angles of a skyscraper on a hill with employees flocking which acts as a constant motif of encouragement for the team. The pictures are broken up with beams of lime green, in-keeping with the other piece and creating a colour theme for the office which, in conjunction with the idyllic blue skies in the pictures, gives a fresh outdoors feel and the impression of limitless space.

Our artists were in and out in just two days so office distraction was kept to a minimum. They’ve really transformed the office into a modern and energised space and an excellent working environment.


At Graffiti Life we pride ourselves at being able to work with any space and any company to create something bespoke and in keeping with brand philosophy. Graffiti Life have made a massive impact to the office and all those at Supply Communications are really pleased with the results.