Meantime Graffiti Mural

We recently created this large scale, hand painted advertisement for London brewery ‘Meantime’.

Meantime had collaborated with Leif Podhajsky to design the mural and we were brought in to realise the project, live and in colour! If you’ve not heard of Leif Podhajsky; he’s an Australian graphic designer, art director and all-around creative genius, who has worked with big bands like the Foals, the Vines, Lykke Li and many more. It was an honour for us to work with his design on this project.

Most projects we like to wrap in a day where possible but we needed a full two days to paint this huge wall with the complex design. Our graffiti artists mapped out the design and painstakingly recreated the intricacies of the digital painting in spraypaint. The bottles of Meantime were painted in a realistic style and look like you could just grab them from the wall! We used huge stencils to get the text on the wall perfect and we’re really happy with the results. You can see the whole wall come together in a matter of seconds in this cool time-lapse video that Meantime produced.


The wall is situated in Shoreditch, East London and is passed by a huge number of people each day making it the ideal spot for bold advertising such as this. Painting outside in busy areas always creates lots of attention and we were happy to chat with the public as the mural took shape. It’s so crazy how perceptions of art made with spraycans have changed in recent years, and we love the encouragement we get each time!

Hand painted advertisements are the perfect way to engage your audience and are a welcome break from traditional forms of advertising. If you have an idea for a project then get in touch. Our project managers will guide you trough the process, from initial idea to giant wall mural!