Cosmic Gaming Mural for Games Room

This year here at Graffiti Life we are certainly seeing a trend appearing…Retro Gaming!

We have expressed our love for retro gaming before, but nothing can stop us in speaking a little further about it or painting another mural around our much loved characters. Therefore when one of our clients came to us to paint a wall in their new games room, we turned to our old friends for inspiration.

The games rooms itself had been made for our client’s children, so we didn’t want to delve too far into the retro gaming archives, as we were worried the references may get lost on the younger generations of the family. For that reason we asked the children for their favourite gaming characters and received the following list: Princess Peach, Sonic, Pikachu, Mario and Bowser. A winning combination!

Now it was time for the graphic designers to get busy, to find a way and context that would fit all these bright characters into one mural.

Ideas and designs flew around the office, with everyone having an idea on what would look great. Finally we settled on a cosmic style background, featuring a blue portal which the characters are swirling out of and a power surge from the right hand side featuring Bowser at the centre. Overall this gives the impression of a battle about to commence, giving the mural power and strength, filling the large games room with a competitive edge.

We would also like to say a big thank you to Kit, who took photos of us while painting the mural…check out these great progress shots:

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