VM Ware Conference – Live Art

Graffiti Life were invited to paint in Spain this month at the annual VM World convention!

Held in Barcelona, VM World is an annual convention which offers learning opportunities to those interested in understanding how virtual and cloud computing can optimize the way businesses work. Set in one of the biggest conference buildings in Europe, VM World is a massive event that sees guests flying from across the world to attend. VM Ware asked our graffiti artists to paint a large 5m mural of the Barcelona skyline and a realistic portrait in front of an audience of 500 guests.

Realistic portraits are technically challenging and our artists got straight to work, getting an early start on this part of the mural before the guests arrived.  As guests started pouring through the door they immediately saw our artists at work, with one of our artists working on the realistic portrait and the other graffiti artist painting the Barcelona skyline.  The live-art mural was certainly the center of attention as it saw people gravitating towards the mural to watch the artists paint whilst they mingled with each other and enjoyed canapes. Working quickly, our graffiti artists used fume free indoor spray-paint to create the entire mural, finishing the artwork within just a few hours after the guests arrived. This allowed everyone to see the dramatic transformation from blank canvas to vibrant artwork and also gave guests the chance to chat to the graffiti artists about their work. It was great being amongst such an enthusiastic audience, with so many people engaged with the artwork.

Our team of artists and project managers have extensive experience in delivering commercial graffiti projects from diverse briefs. If you’re looking for a piece of live art for your event, we’d love to hear from you!  

Find out more about Live Art here.