Graffiti Art at Bicester Village Part Two

After a successful project at Bicester Village a little while ago our team were invited back to turn more unloved space into a work of art! If you’re not familiar with the luxury shopping village in the Oxfordshire countryside, it is the shopping destination of choice for keen shoppers around the world with many even flying in to visit the boutique stores.

Bicester Village have been one of our favourite clients to work with this year, they’re open minded on design input and it has been fun collaborating on various projects. Our latest challenge has been to decorate a huge 13 metre area of hoarding with shields the public from ongoing developments and future expansion within the Village. The works are set to be complete by the beginning of next year, but in the meantime, the huge fenced area was a big blank eyesore.

Our artists got busy painting a realistic depiction of sky and clouds, punctuated by colourful pop art inspired planters. Our previous mural for the site was a realistic painting of flowers and grass with a sky background. For this mural, our artists were asked to pick out the sky element. Painting sky is more complicated than it may seem. Once the background is painted in blue it can look very flat so our graffiti artists used spraypaint to blend the different shades of blue together and create the background. The clouds were painted very loosely, to give them a realistic looking fluffiness!

The bursts of pop art colour throughout the piece set it off perfectly and we’re proud that our team has created another talking point within Bicester Village. Murals like this go to show how versatile the medium of graffiti can be. Our artists can paint anything, so if you have wild ideas and a blank space that needs some love, get in touch.