Shinola’s Classic Time Piece

Detroit. The home of Motown, car manufacturing, and one of the best handmade luxury goods specialists: Shinola – a modern brand that has taken over the leather goods world. With roaring success, Shinola not only sells watches, but also leather goods, journals and bicycles. It has become hard to believe that the company has only been selling for a year and a half, and now is tapping into the UK’s retail market.

To aid this leap across the pond, and to mirror the luxury handmade nature of the brand, Graffiti Life created a bespoke hand-painted advertisement, to coincide with the opening of their new store in London’s Soho.

Working alongside both Shinola’s London and American teams, our team of artists produced a simple yet stunning hand painted advertisement, in a matter of hours. However, working with a company that has been built its reputation on its technical brilliance and aesthetically pleasing products put pressure on our team, as we really wanted to produce a result that reflected the delicacy and elegance of this high end brand.

Through accurately measuring and plotting the size and level of the type and image, using a range of tools and tricks of the trade, our artists ensured accuracy. Using these techniques we were able to create a picture perfect time piece, which really stood out.

If you are interested in our hand painted advertising service then contact a member of our team of experts and we can discuss options with you. Let’s bring this lost art form back and create advertisements with soul, that are beautiful as well as functional.