Live Graffiti for YMS event in London

Yesterday two of our graffiti artists were performing live at the YMS LDN event in East London.

YMS stands for Youth Marketing Strategy and is an event that focuses on the challenging demographic of ‘millenials’, with a host of guest speakers and big brands attending. YMS will help you learn your Snapchat from your Hashtag but it also delves a lot deeper into content, it’s creation and why it is shared. We were asked to attend because, well, you do the math(s).

One of the nice things about working a youth focused event is that the crowd was twitter savvy, so it was cool to get lots of feedback on our artwork online, as we filled the giant 10meter wall that was our canvas for the day. Our venue was within the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, the perfect spot for some street art style graphics.

Our artists worked quickly to fill a huge wall that was 10 metres long. We used a colour palette that was loosely based on the branding colours of the event. Our artwork was London-centric but with the addition of some tropical creatures here and there of good measure. Our graffiti artists kept the crowds entertained, with lots of visitors attending talks and popping back each break to see how we were getting on! Our artists used a mix of indoor spraypaint, emulsion and markerpen to create their masterpiece.


If you are holding an event then Live art is a perfect solution to keep guests entertained and we have a number of different ways in which to do so. With this event we were lucky enough to paint directly onto the walls of the Truman Brewery event space, but if you don’t have a wall don’t worry. Our team can build temporary wall solutions for any space. Get in touch now and lets talk ideas!