Interior Office Mural

The team at Market Gravity were sick of looking at their plain blank walls, so they got in touch with us, asking for a statement piece in the foyer of their building and some smaller murals to a specific theme.

MG described the way that they work to us, and laid out their ideas for their three planning rooms. The titles we were given to work with were; discover, design and deliver. This is the basic concept for the way Market Gravity deliver projects to their clients. The team wanted something urban and dynamic, with a simple colour pallet. We got to work designing a specific piece for each title, including bright backgrounds and London centric landmarks in a greyscale graphic style.

Three of our best graffiti artists spent a weekend completely transforming this office, while the space was empty. MG bosses had not told their staff what was in store, so they were amazed when they arrived back to work on the Monday.

We got some amazing feedback on the work, especially the giant statement piece in the foyer, which has had passers by stopping and looking in through the windows of the building. If your building needs some love then get in contact and we’ll work with you and your ideas to create a piece that will make you and your business stand out, as well as creating a fun and modern workplace for your staff and clients to enjoy. Our graffiti artists can paint anything! So if you’re feeling artistic, get in touch.