It’s spring all year round at the Southern Percussion shop in Essex all thanks to the Graffiti Life team. Southern Percussion are the UK’s leading supplier of percussion music, mallets, accessories and Marimba One instruments but I think the guys will forgive me when saying that they struck a wrong chord as far as their building was concerned. The corrugated iron exterior resembled a tin shed which looked like it had landed from out of space and didn’t exactly fit in with the beautiful surrounding forestry. They wanted their building to compliment the surroundings and we rose to the challenge.

Our team of artists took their inspiration directly from the immediate nature when deciding to paint the forest back drop onto the two outward facing walls, creating an optical illusion of not knowing where the building ends and woodland begins. They then proceeded to paint a bed of deep violet bluebells which bought the whole piece to life.

Unsightly buildings can be transformed with a spray of paint, whether you want them to work in harmony with their surroundings like SP or if you want them to be a stand alone sculpture of sorts. It’s amazing what can be achieved when enlisting the help of those in the know. Colour is a powerful creative tool and spray paint is available in such a wide spectrum of colours, so whether it’s soft blended hues inspired by nature or stark primary schemes, with the expertise and understanding of colour and saturation anything can be achieved.

A shop front acts as the face of a company so it’s imperative to make sure you’re sending out the right message. A trip to Southern Percussion feels like stumbling upon an enchanted forest and leaves you with a lasting feeling of tranquillity. Bloomin’ brilliant!