We Made Art from Scratch Cards for the National Lottery


This was a truly unique project for us and a fun challenge. The National Lottery contacted us recently with a proposal. The question was could we make art from scratch cards? Yes, the scratchies you see at most newsagents, we were to make some images comprising solely of National Lottery scratch cards.

As we grew up watching ‘Art Attack’ every week when we got home from school we’d been training for this job all our lives! Whilst this wasn’t traditional graffiti, and with no paint involved we knew we could use our street art skills to create something cool. We presented the team from the Lottery a selection of designs that we believed we could create using just scratch cards. They signed off on their favorites and we headed to a secret studio to make the work.




Here’s where things got interesting. We love using technology to enhance the works that we create. Live streaming is the future and it was very cool to incorporate it into this live art performance. Using Facebook video the creation of our art was shown live on the National Lottery’s page. Our artists got to work creating the images whilst the comment section blew up, with Lottery fans trying to guess what we were depicting with our scratch card art.

We created a number of different images, from a footballer to a lion, every person that watched the live stream and correctly guessed each image was entered into a prize draw to win £2000, not bad! It was a long day and our knees were killing by the end of the performance but we were super happy with how the work turned out. It goes to show that we really can make artwork out of anything.



Live streaming an event is such a great way to engage an audience, and we have a number of ways to maximise viewers across different platforms. When people can engage with the artwork in such a way they are by proxy engaging with your product. For more next level ideas on how to help your brand grow using graffiti and street art just get in touch.