We were really excited to be asked to be involved in this project for the United Colors Of Benetton – painting graffiti murals to be used as the backdrop for their latest worldwide advertisements.

It turns out that Benetton have a similar ethos to us when it comes to art work – they love bright colours and bold designs! Three of our best graffiti artists – spent a day practising their handstyles on several large canvases. We took inspiration from Keith Harring’s famous ‘pop up shop’ style works and added our own urban flavour, tagging images and icons to transform the giant white surfaces.

Graffiti Advertising has become a very popular service with us over the past year and this project is a perfect example of how our bespoke artwork can enhance a campaign. Enhancement was the key for these pieces as the art director from Benetton didn’t want the graffiti graphics to overshadow the models and the clothing, this meant that the negative space in the paintings were just as important as the work in the foreground.

This was a really fun project and as you can see from the video, the artwork turned out great, and we feel it really complimented the feel of the shoot. It’s quite a surreal feeling but we’re so happy to have our graffiti featured on billboards alongside models and music stars such as Sky Ferreira, Theophilus London, Chloe Norgaard and Soo Joo Park.

If you have an idea for an advertising project that could benefit from our eye catching graffiti aesthetic then let us know!