Large Scale Mural for Regency Wharf, Birmingham

Regency Wharf is an area in central Birmingham that is currently undergoing a terrific transformation. We’ve been heavily involved in the rebirth of this fantastic space with our latest project, a large scale, building side, art piece!

Our mural marks the entrance and invites passers-by to walk in and explore more of this secret suburban hideaway. Located in the heart of Birmingham, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the busy street, Regency Wharf provides a haven for visitors to disappear to and experience a different side of the city. With narrow boats on the canal and beautiful cafes and eateries, this hidden gem has already begun to capture the imagination of visitors to the area and the local community.

Before we arrived on site to begin painting, we spent time developing a design with our partners, Picton, Regency Wharf’s owner. The final design features an elegant 1930’s female figure as the centre piece, surrounded by flowers and swallows, gesturing into the courtyard. The design depicts classic imagery but is created with modern painting techniques, the nostalgic mixed with the contemporary, and is a bold statement for the area; embracing street art on a huge scale.

As an ode to the city’s rich industrial history and traditional hand painted signs, many of which still remain as faded ‘ghost-signs’, we created a ghost-sign of our own at the rear of the building. Visible from the other side of the water, we completed the large typography piece in the same theme and style as many of the traditional hand painted signs visible around the area.