Graffiti House Party!!

House Parties. For many of us this was where our mates became DJs, always had one too many drinks and ended up tagging and drawing on things we shouldn’t have (typical graffiti artist behaviour!! Tut tut!) But love them or hate them one thing we can certainly agree on is that we prefer them in other people’s houses.

So, you can imagine our surprise when an invite dropped into our inbox inviting us to a house party to do exactly that – be a part of a Graffiti Party, who’s goal was to completely cover the inside of his house with traditional quick graffiti styles such as: tags, dubs and throw ups. This was due to the house undergoing full renovation in a few weeks’ time.

To add to the chaos the host also wanted his guests to join in the fun and paint alongside our artist! However – just picking up a spray can is not as easy as most of your will think. There are skills and techniques to learn just like learning how to use any other art medium. Therefore we devised a plan here at Graffiti Life, which would allow guest to also join in the fun.

Our artist arrived early in the day and began painting around the house – just to give it that initial feel of a graffiti party. Then once guest began arriving he started to introduce spray painting with each guest – allowing them to dip in and out of a workshop, to pick up some skills before letting loose on the house.

Overall it was an extremely successful party – and as you can see the house was pretty covered in the end!

If you would like to spice up your party please get in touch with one of our collective and learn about our great Graffiti Party options!