Sports Heroes Immortalised for Betway!

Online sports betting has grown dramatically in popularity over recent years, and leading provider Betway has become a household name. The Betway team contacted us, asking us to provide a series of exciting wall murals for their head office in Camden.

It quickly became clear how passionate the team is about sports, so we decided to celebrate this within the work. Sitting down and discussing ideas with the team we came up with several possible mural ideas. The team liked our signature marker pen style so we decided to use this in depicting some iconic sporting history. There were several spaces in the office that needed transforming so our graffiti artists chose a sporting hero for each space. Icons included Tiger Woods, Ian Botham and Muhammad Ali, behind each personality we painted their sporting location, be it a football field, a tennis court or a boxing ring.

Three graffiti artists spent the day painting this wall mural as the Betway employees looked on. The team are loving their new office space and describe it as an “inspiring place to work”. Our artwork is always tailored to meet our client’s needs; we work with you to find a design that works with your ideas and the flow of the area. Check out our wall murals section to get some inspiration!