This Jubilee Weekend we were painting in Bristol at Europe’s largest urban art festival; Upfest. This year Upfest invited over 250 of the most ground breaking graffiti artists the world has to offer. To create over 20,000 square foot of artwork!

Over 50 international artists arrived from countries such as Colombia, USA, Spain, Norway, Germany, South Africa France, Italy, Russia and Holland. In fact Famous graffiti artists from a total of 18 countries were there creating live art and of course Graffiti Life was in the thick of things..


We were given a huge wall at the ‘Luckwell Club’ and when the organisers emailed over photos before the festival, we sat and thought about what we could paint on this huge blank canvas. We had been talking around the office recently about how we couldn’t believe that we had never painted a full on Star Wars wall mural. We planned out a wall with a galaxy background and Graffiti Life in the Star Wars font. Our tribute to the greatest films ever!


The wall mural we had planned was set to take us two days to paint, but according to weather reports it was set to rain on the second day. We had to compromise our design slightly and lost a storm trooper from our original sketch.We soldiered on, working around some awkward architecture, and managed to get the 20ft wall mural painted in one day. It was great to meet so many famous graffiti artists and talk about painting in such a chilled environment. Our thanks to the organisers and we’ll see you again in 2013. Here is our finished wall..